Moises Schachtler for Mayor is a campaign that seeks to minimize future regret, maximize average expected happiness, trust, transparency, and accountability. It is ultimately a campaign that aims to radiate optimism in the face of uncertainty and a campaign that will leap forward at new experiences with energy and enthusiasm.

Together, we will create a capital city that is truly lively, upbeat, clean, vibrant, and full of health.

Platform: What We Can Achieve Together

Moises objectively ranked these items by their level of priority, by which ones affect our city the most. With your help, Moises will do a better job ranking them. If you can identify other issues the city needs to solve and learn from or you would rank these issues differently, don’t hesitate to let Moises know on any of his social media platforms if you want a quick reply or email him if you want a more thought out response for a slower reply (typically replies within 24 h to 2 weeks and appreciates simple yes/no/undecided inquiries).

1. Electoral Reform And Better Governance

Adopting The Preferable Alternative To First Past The Post Voting System

Imagine 3 candidates, A, B, and C. Now imagine candidate A gets 34% of the vote, B gets 33%, and C gets 33%. In this imagined scenario, Candidate A is elected, but the majority of voters preferred another candidate. As mayor, Moises will strongly advocate for the federal government to join the modern democracies on this earth who use The Alternative Voting System allowing their electorate to rank their candidates in order of most preferred to least preferred. Moises will strongly advocate for The Alternative Voting System to be nationally adopted until we find a better system. We are extremely deprived in our municipality due to our elections being decided by First Past The Post.

This voting system works so well that Moises intends on implementing it when voting on motions at city hall. As your mayor, Moises will have council rank at least two variations of each motion and any other previous or live motion related to it.

Ending Language Discrimination

About 17% of Canadians can communicate in two languages. Many jobs in Ottawa require you to communicate in both official languages including one of, if not the most important job in the country, Prime Minister. Why is that a bad thing you might ask?
Think about it this way. If Canada happened to have 3 official languages and it was a requirement for you to communicate in all 3 official languages to get the job, then less than 5% of you would be eligible to get these jobs, and if we happened to have 4 official languages, less than 1% of you would be eligible. How crazy is that?
Moises looks forward to working with our federal government to move a resolution ensuring that those seeking employment can work in the official language of their choice. This is especially important for elected positions where it is up to individual voters to decide what requirements the candidate must meet in order to earn their vote and ultimately get the position.

Balanced Representation And Increasing Voter Turnout

Ottawa has 23 wards, each with varying population sizes. Moises’ proposed change to this system is not any less subjective or arbitrary, but it’s significantly simpler to implement and would result in increased voter turnouts, decentralization of power, and increased levels of consensus.

There are many things that we can try. The first thing that Moises will propose is that we increase the number of voting council members from 23 to 100 and divide those seats up by population per ward every 5 years unless new facts suggest otherwise. Moises will propose that we decrease the number of wards from 23 to 16 evenly sized wards. Moises looks forward to working with Premier Ford in this regard.

Campaign Finance Reform

Moises believes that candidates should disclose of their campaign expenses live on their platforms. This will help those who are looking to run in future elections know how much money it takes to run a campaign. When elected, Moises will move a motion requiring candidates to disclose of their campaign expenses live on their platforms.

Helping Voters Make The Best Informed Decision By Compulsory Voting

International differences between turnout in elections vary by a country’s range in tendencies. Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Argentina, and Brazil implement different versions of compulsory voting. When elected, Moises intends to develop the best version of compulsory voting in the world.

2. Optimal Safety And Security

Eliminating Crime

The only way to truly be free of crime in Ottawa is to eradicate the pressures which cause individuals to commit crimes in the first place. As mayor, Moises will do whatever it takes to relieve Ottawa of these pressures.

Guaranteeing Public Safety And Security

Moises fundamentally believes that our long-term mission is best achieved when everyone is focused on creating and maintaining an environment where everyone can be and feel safe and secure. Moises will ensure that our law enforcement is up to date with the latest technologies that can help us work towards finding optimal patrolling and surveilling strategies. This will allow our families to have more security and peace of mind when our children go out and explore the physical and virtual world in today’s day and age. Moises knows that the best path forward is to think and execute based on long-term, forward-looking strategies. When elected, Moises intends to invest significantly in guaranteeing our safety and security moving forward in order to best achieve our long-term mission. Whatever we communally choose that mission to be.

Optimizing Taxes And Keeping Them Low

Our city has one of the lowest debt-per-capita of any city in Canada with a triple-A Moody’s rating, and while it was Moody’s Aaa ratings that partly caused our financial meltdown in 2008, one decade has passed and their stock is up, so Moises believes that their ratings have improved since then. That being said, Moises will ensure that our financial safety and security is maintained and improved in Ottawa. Moises commits to putting in work to find what the optimal tax rate should be at any given time. Moises won’t brag about keeping tax increases capped at 2%. Our yearly inflation rate is about 2%, there are many roads that need to be taken care of, and we can barely afford a higher education. Moises will work to find the optimal tax rate and then implement that tax rate, instead of reducing or increasing our tax rate for reasons other than to get to that magic tax rate. The magic tax rate being the tax rate that would on average make you indifferent about paying it.

Moises will ask each council member to submit two numbers, the minimum and the maximum tax rate that they believe will make residents of Ottawa indifferent about the tax rate and then average these numbers to get a tax rate that will be much closer to the optimal tax rate. Stating that tax rates should be capped at 2% is the statement of someone who is stereotypically set in their ways and someone who has given up on looking for what is truly best. Moises’ plan will be sure to lead us on the path to greater stability and accelerated growth, no question.

3. Eradicating Homelessness

Implementing A Guaranteed Basic Employment Program

The number of families sleeping in shelters has increased by 25% over the last years from 706 families in 2014 to 879 families in 2016 including 1,577 children under the age of 17! Moises will create and provide the homeless with the opportunity to find and practice meaningful work by connecting and equipping them with the proper tools and resources that they need in order to integrate back into a dignified lifestyle.
As your highest-ranking elected official in this city, Moises will do what it takes to get us to work together to create a jobs guarantee program so that those who were not given the opportunities that we neither deserved nor earned, can have their fair shot at generating an income and saving for their future. When given the honor to serve you, Moises will roll out his full vision of this program, which he is beyond confident will significantly outperform the programs that we have in place at the moment. Let’s drive the homeless rate down to 0. Moises knows that this isn’t just possible but it’s necessary for our collective growth as caring and understanding human beings.

A Path Towards Sustainable Housing Through Diversified Housing Strategies

Affordable housing is a phrase used too liberally today. Homeowners want prices to go up, landlords want to maximize their profits, and residents just want to minimize their expenses. What we need is a balanced approach to sustainable housing. When elected, Moises will get modern, high-quality capsule hotels and sleeping pods built in Ottawa. Moises will ensure that the housing gaps are filled by creating the opportunity for price ranges to get close to reaching $0 by encouraging diversified housing development in our city. The majority of people live in urban spaces, and for good reasons. There are more people around, more services to access, and more opportunities to socialize.
At a population density per square kilometer of 316, subject to four seasons, and being one of the most educated cities in the whole world, Ottawa, hovering at a population of about 1 million bright individuals, is a city of unlimited untapped potential. It is up to us to decide the type of city we want to become and the ways in which we want to approach the biggest issues facing our city. With 60% of voters choosing to not vote in our last elections in 2014, Ottawa has the room to grow. It has room to grow to the point where we can all come together as a community and decide what our long-term mission should be.

When elected, Moises will move a motion making it illegal in Ottawa to sleep on the streets or to beg for money. Like in Switzerland, this policy will take you to a high-quality emergency shelter where the proper tools and resources will be provided for you to help reintegrate you back into a dignified lifestyle and on a path towards finding meaningful work. Moises is beyond confident that the tools, resources, and programs he has in mind for this will not only match those of more advanced countries than ours but will outperform them as well.

4. Gun Legislation Reform and Suicide Prevention

Banning Firearms

Thought guns were already banned in Canada? Moises thought so as well until he was informed of Possession and Aquisition Licencing (PAL) and the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Gun violence in Canada recently reached an all-time low which would help explain why some of us thought firearms were already banned, but this type of violence has been on the rise since then and Moises confidently predicts that we will not hit record lows until we ban these tools purposed to kill. In fact, as our population density inevitably increases, so will the rate of gun violence, unless we take action today! Moises will compel our federal government to adopt the premise that, “civilians must not possess firearms”. Countries who have already adopted this type of premise have the absolute lowest rate of gun violence.

Imagine any of your neighbors or roommates in Orleans, Innes, Barrhaven, Kanata North, West Carleton-March, Stittsville, Bay, College, Knoxdale-Merivale, Gloucester-Southgate, Beacon Hill-Cyrville, Rideau-Vanier, Rideau-Rockcliffe, Somerset, Kitchissippi, River, Capital, Alta Vista, Cumberland, Osgoode, Rideau-Gouldbourn, Gloucester-SouthNepean, or Kanata South being able to keep firearms with them. When Moises becomes mayor, you won’t have to. Moises will get firearms banned in this city by any means necessary.

Hunting and shooting sports will never go away and should never go away. Moises is confident that we can develop sensible policy, rules, and regulations for these thrilling activities that don’t involve individuals keeping firearms with them in our city. Moises looks forward to working with our federal government in this regard. Let’s beat the US to this!


Article [II] (Amendment 2 – Bearing Arms)

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

A well regulated Militia will not beat its own State’s Military. Why set yourself up for a civil war that will always favor the Establishment? Avoid it all together by being able to amend the entire constitution by a 50 percent plus 1 vote every decade.

5. Improved Accessibility Of Knowledge In Our Education Systems

Empowering Students, Youth, And Children To Shape Their Future Through Expanded Voting Rights

Our current education systems are a prime example of what being stuck in the past with old ways of thinking can get you. The primary objective and primary purpose of our education systems are to promote the advancement of learning and the dissemination of knowledge, so let’s actively work towards that end. We’re lucky here in Canada that our average student debt is lower than the average student debt in the US, but it is still significantly present as a barrier to the pursuit of knowledge. Why would we purposefully block members of our society from seeking and acquiring knowledge? Let’s lower the barrier to entry. In fact, let’s eliminate the barrier altogether. We can do it! Instead of having students pay for a higher education, Moises understands that we should consider it the most basic level of employment in Canada. That would be one smart country. Moises knows that we will be the smartest city on the planet once we are all fully connected to the internet regardless of where you are in the City of Ottawa. This is why when elected, Moises will invest aggressively in achieving complete high-speed internet connectivity across the entire City of Ottawa.

In a world where misinformation has been pervasive, we must take direct actions against it by investing aggressively in facilitating the acquisition of knowledge that is true. We need to do more. Moises looks forward to working closely with our Provincial government in finding new ways of combating misinformation.

One example of something else we could start doing is having classes and lectures recorded and made available to anyone anywhere. Just look at Teachers and professors would have more time to interact with students. Instead of recycling through the same lesson plans and lectures year after year, our educators could instead have more time to develop new lesson plans and new lectures for brand new courses! Students have a lot to gain from a wider course range selection as this would provide you as a student with more opportunities and a higher likelihood to stumble upon something that you find fascinating.

Moises believes that students should have much greater freedom when it comes to choosing what classes or courses they want to take. Moises thinks that students should be explicitly told that they are able to select about 85% of their courses entirely on their own and Moises thinks that students should be explicitly told that they are able to vote on what the other 15% of their courses should be prerequisites. Moises knows that students feel the chains of policy and ignorance, frustrated by masks and mischief, enslaved to standardized assessments, like a black hole absorbing everything, without ever allowing their light to escape. You can be 100% certain that Moises will stand up with all his might and fight with all of his heart, for all students, from pre-K on, Moises has got your back.

Facilitating The Acquisition Of Knowledge That Is True By Developing Our Libraries

Libraries return limitless amounts of value back in benefits not just to our city but our whole world. Knowledge that is true is the most valuable commodity on this earth. For this reason, when elected, Moises intends on doing what it takes to ensure that our library standards are second to none.

6. Women’s Rights And Increased Transparency

Addressing And Solving Gender-based Discrimination

All women deserve to be and feel safe and secure wherever they might be. New mothers should have adequate paid parental leave, access to quality childcare, and a wholesome environment in which they can care for, nurture, and raise their families. Moises strongly believes that women should have the right to choose, the right to fair pay, and especially the right to be and feel safe and secure from any form of discrimination or harassment.

Moises understands that women and girls have had enough with the boys club and are ready to break them up. Women are held back not only by overt sexism but by other subtler, more ambient forms of discrimination. As mayor, Moises will shine the brightest lights on these issues by proposing policies, rules, and regulations which will increase the level of transparency surrounding these problems.

Support For LGBTQIA+

We all walk around with delusions we aren’t even aware of, some with more than others. Some are stereotypically set in their ways unwilling to put themselves in the shoes of others and lack sympathy. Clearly, racism and blatant discrimination are still present today and threaten our peace, safety, and security. Moises believes that to achieve harmony between our diverse communities we must create a society that is free of misconceptions. When elected, Moises will be your strongest support in the fight against misbelief and fallacy, make no mistake about it.

7. Meaningfully Transforming Rideau Street and Wellington Street

Implementing Aesthetic Standards For Storefronts And Connecting Ottawa To The Internet Of Things

The street that our parliament is on defines the tone for how things will be carried out inside those doors. It’s difficult to express your full joy walking outside of the mall or The Bay on Rideau Street when there are less fortunate humans without a home, begging you for money. As mayor, Moises will invest significantly into the future of this road and the roads of city hall. First, by reducing the number of homeless living in Ottawa to 0 and then by getting truly free and open high-speed wifi set up along these streets. Moises will implement aesthetic standards for storefronts and encourage public art competitions to make our city as beautiful as it can be. Moises assures you that when you vote for him, you are voting for policy, rules, and regulations that will meaningfully transform the face of Ottawa.

Developing A True Cultural District In The ByWard Market

It’s time to strategize accordingly in order to minimize the use of cars in the ByWard Market. Moises envisions a ByWard Market that is free of cars and full of life. A market that buzzes with life from sunrise to sunset and from sunset to sunrise. A market that offers a much, much wider range of entertainment options. Moises is the only candidate with the vision, drive, passion, and commitment to make this a reality. You can be assured that Moises is not just the right person to realize this but the only person who can achieve this. Don’t let Moises’ youthfulness and optimism fool you, he is a blank slate, capable, willing, and able to push the boundaries of what is believed to be possible.

It has now become extremely rare to come across young fearless individuals who exhibit a strong eagerness to preserve and better the fundamental fabrics of society for the benefit of all. Ottawa has been gifted with one of those lads. Moises, a natural-born leader with a passion.

8. Revitalizing Vanier and Saving Its Soul Once And For All

Vanier needs extra special attention on its own. Moises walked there from Rideau Street today and twice he was told to be careful! This should not be a thing that happens in Ottawa. When Moises becomes mayor, this will not be a thing that happens in Ottawa any longer! Moises will invest significantly in transforming Vanier into one of the nicest wards of the City. This includes Montreal Road and St. Joseph Boulevard. Moises will get high-speed wifi set up everywhere. These streets are on the same road as our parliament, they reflect the type of parliament we have.

Opposing Mega Shelters and Supporting Dominant Strategies

Building shelters to accommodate those raised under unfortunate circumstances is a weak strategy at best. At the municipal level, we will only be able to slightly alleviate the pressures that come as a result of weak strategies at the Provincial and Federal levels. As your mayor, Moises will strongly oppose the development of these mega-shelters. Moises will support high-quality underground and above ground emergency shelters for the cases of natural disasters but will direct most of his efforts in getting to the root of our homelessness problem. Moises will get to the root and yank it until there are no traces of roots left.

Moises will advocate for stronger national borders and policies to match or better those of places like Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Japan.

9. Developing Transit, Transportation, and Parking Optimization Frameworks

Many of the headaches of our transit, transportation, and parking come from our city adopting policies that result in unpredictable wait times, less than ideal road designs, and extremely high occupancy rates.

Making OC Transpo Fare Free For Anyone

Moises will get us to reduce the use of vehicles by creating more bike-friendly lanes to make the city a much more pedestrian, and eco-friendly place to travel around. Moises will help our public transportation system transition its bus fleet towards fully electric powered vehicles and towards fare-free transportation. Public transportation in our city must be fare-free for the public and paid for by our taxes.
Moises assures you that he will introduce policies for digital adaptive parking meters who’s price rise with demand, to help pay for these things. That will help keep our taxes low. These are already implemented in cities like San Francisco. Parking is not as simple as having a resource, spots, and maximizing its utilization, occupancy. Parking is also a process. It’s one that consumes time, attention, and generates both pollution and congestion. The right policies address the whole problem.

Making The Best Of Light Rail Transit

It is no secret that LRT will shorten commuting times for some who will no longer have to rely solely on OC Transpo to get across the city. LRT will also reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Moises commits to making the most of light rail transit by ensuring that further development plans are strategically sound and very forward-looking. This project, with its momentum, will continue regardless of the composition of the council and will fundamentally shape the face of the city for centuries to come. Moises believes that plans of this magnitude should be coupled with other creative projects to ensure the maximum value is being derived. When elected, Moises will ensure that the proper ratio of green spaces, housing, roads, and bicycle paths be considered and implemented to guarantee that complete development remains the ultimate target.

10. Combating Obesity Through Sports And Healthy Competition

Building New, Modern, And Diverse Community Centers

It’s time for a change and time to get active! People’s physical, mental, and overall well-being depends on being actively engaged and being part of a welcoming social community. When elected, Moises plans to revitalize the city’s public athletic spaces like our basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, baseball fields, and parks. Moises will move a motion directing the construction of new modern outdoor gyms, outdoor ball hockey rinks, arenas, soccer, baseball, rugby, lacrosse, paintball, cricket, and football fields giving everyone in Ottawa significantly more opportunities to engage in healthy activities. Moises will be sure that splash parks are built by these spaces so players of all ages can cool down after their games. This will make it considerably simpler for new communities to form, for new leaders to develop, for new meaningful friendships to form, and most importantly, for like-minded people to come together and make the most out of what the fresh new life in Ottawa has to offer.
Moises considers himself a bit of a gym monkey and even he finds it a little difficult to stay in shape. About 30% of the world is overweight. In Canada, about 40% of individuals are overweight! We also have the largest concentration of doughnut shops in the world. Moises will get us to open fewer doughnut shops, fewer McDonald’s and open more modern public athletic spaces to make a physically active lifestyle more accessible instead. Moises takes recreational space development very seriously and when given the honor to serve you in this regard, Moises will not waver. You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

Supporting Non-profits The Way To Minimize Isolation And Maximize Socialization

Moises believes that non-profits are the heartbeat of this city and the fabric that brings us all together. Clubs and organizations like these are where strong communities are formed and where lifelong relationships have the opportunity to begin to develop. What makes non-profits great are its members, because of this, Moises will support non-profits by maximizing their exposure in the city through strategic advertising so that interested individuals can more easily find the communities that suit them best.

11. Responsible Consumption, Waste Management, and Recycling

Ottawa is a beautiful place, so let’s take good care of it. For starters, we could get more waste and recycling bins with roofs set up around the city. Where there are benches, nearby there should be waste and recycling bins.
The city currently does not recycle styrofoam, when Moises is mayor, that will change. Moises intends on pushing towards banning polystyrene containers and single-use plastic altogether. Moises commits to doing everything in his power to lead our city towards a path of zero waste, because from sea to sea, our gorgeous coastlines, our beautiful country, and our wonderful world deserve it.

The Ottawa River needs to be better taken care of. Moises wishes that he could swim in it. As mayor, Moises will do what it takes to clean up the Ottawa River. Moises will be sure to go all the way upstream to find the root causes of all pollutants. Moises will advocate for cleaner water, responsible consumption, and responsible waste management.

Moises supports continuing to increase the number of community gardens and growing plots in the city, especially in schools and local neighborhoods. He intends on helping every school in Ottawa to develop a gardening and cooking program. Moises will introduce policy to increase the selection of locally produced food. Moises will develop the green bin program and bring weekly waste collection to Ottawa. Moises will implement policy supporting sustainable livelihoods in our city.

12. A Path Towards Sustainable Costs Of Living

It’s time to make a bold effort to reduce the stress families undergo to support themselves. Moises endorses inviting companies to build and remodel modern, energy efficient designs with the target to lower the average cost of living and facilitate an independent lifestyle, particularly for children and elders.

When elected, Moises intends on reducing the number of things residents must pay for by eliminating expenses like transit fair fees and water charges and increasing other taxes, like property taxes to cover this. Moises fully intends on minimizing the computational cost of living in this city by showing a bias towards simpler solutions.

13. Creating Opportunities For Meaningful Entertainment

Let’s face it unless you’re a political junkie, Ottawa itself is a pretty dull place. We’ve got a couple of festivals, some races, and some markets, but not as many permanent and open forms of meaningful entertainment as we could have. We need to think more boldly and stack up with other more vibrant cities around the world. When elected, you can count on Moises to match the vibrant and lively cultural life of other cities. Moises will extend the possible operating hours of bars to 4:20 AM and will look to allow them to operate 24h on Fridays and Saturdays. You can be confident that Moises will set this city up to be buzzing with life.

Moises just met a tourist from Italy today. He has spent time in London, UK, Toronto, and Ottawa. When Moises asked him which city he liked better between Ottawa and Toronto, he said Toronto without hesitating or thinking about it. Moises asked him, why? He said that there were more things to do in Toronto, citing their aquarium, museums, the CN Tower, and Niagra Falls.

When elected, Moises intends on creating the opportunity for us to have year-round attractions including, a casino on our side of the border close to downtown, an aquarium, a year-round carnival, a water park on the river, a zoo, and anything that will compel future tourists to prefer Ottawa over cities like Toronto and Montreal.

14. Accessibility And Mobility For All Through Networks Of Schools

Our entire city needs to be better connected in every sense of the word. Less than ideal designs of our roads have caused many preventable casualties. Moises will get new pedestrian routes paved to make it as smooth as possible for persons with disabilities to get around the city. This will involve replacing street parking in many areas with these new routes. This will also make it much smoother for people who love to rollerblade and skateboard to get around the city.

When elected, Moises will connect every library, middle school, high school, college, and university with dedicated and isolated bicycle paths. Bicycles and cars should in general not share the same lanes. This will help alleviate the tension between cyclists and drivers. Moises will turn these beautiful paths into cross-country ski trails in the winter when possible.

15. Eliminating Light Pollution And Reducing Noise Pollution

The sky belongs to everyone. We should all have the opportunity to look up into the night sky and dream about the endless and limitless possibilities that lie among the stars, so let’s do something about it. Moises assures you that he will move a resolution requiring sky friendly lighting in our great capital City of Ottawa. In the long run, we’d love to be among the most distant stars, so let’s not take our gaze off the target.


16. Minimizing Regulation On Cannabis

When elected, Moises will ensure that regulation on cannabis is minimal at most and guarantee that it is not more regulated than tobacco is today. A large percentage of our population smokes. Many who smoke have a hard time finding a waste bin that they just toss their unfinished smokes wherever they were. To help keep our streets clean, Moises will move a motion requiring stores to keep the fronts of their store and ideally the entire area surrounding the store clean of any debris. Moises intends on creating more modern and warmer places to smoke. Bars, with the proper ventilation systems under these policies, will be allowed to designate smoking rooms for customers.

Moises at 18
Moises in 2013

Together, we won’t just create a slightly better Ottawa for everyone that happens to remain somewhat prosperous in these critical times. Together, we will meaningfully transform Ottawa into the most vibrant and healthiest city that you have ever seen, without a doubt, and that’s not a promise. That’s a hard guarantee that you will not get anywhere else.


If there is revolution pumping through your veins if you are itching to explore the paths less traveled with a spirit of expectation and optimism if you are ready for meaningful transformation and you would like to see the strongest mandate on the campaign come to fruition, join the campaign today!


My Preliminary Preferences Ranked


  1. Moises Schachtler
  2. Joey Drouin
  3. Bruce McConville
  4. Clive Doucet
  5. Craig MacAulay
  6. Jim Watson
  7. Michael Pastien
  8. Hamid Alakozai
  9. Ahmed Bouragba
  10. Bernard Couchman
  11. Ryan Lythall
  12. James T. Sheahan

Orleans – Ward 1

  1. Catherine Kitts
  2. Kevin Tetreault
  3. Diego Elizondo
  4. Jarrod Goldsmith
  5. Matthew Luloff
  6. Mireille Brownhill
  7. Toby Bossert
  8. Shannon Kramer
  9. Guy Desroches
  10. Don Yetman
  11. Qamar Masood
  12. Miranda Gray
  13. Dina Epale
  14. Rick Bedard
  15. Louise Soyez
  16. Geoffrey Nicholas Griplas
  17. Doug Feltmate

Innes – Ward 2

  1. Laura Dudas
  2. Tammy Lynch
  3. Donna Leith-Gudbranson
  4. Francois Trepanier

Barrhaven – Ward 3

  1. Jan Harder
  2. Atiq Qureshi
  3. Hadi Wess
  4. Franklin Epape
  5. Ahmad Malgarai

Kanata North – Ward 4

  1. Jenna Sudds
  2. Matt Muirhead
  3. Lorne Neufeldt
  4. David Gourlay
  5. Philip Bloedow

West Carleton-March – Ward 5

  1. Judi Varga-Toth
  2. Eli El-Chantiry
  3. James Parsons

Stittsville – Ward 6

  1. Glen Gower
  2. Shad Qadri

Bay – Ward 7

  1. Erica Dath
  2. Theresa Kavanagh
  3. Don Dransfield
  4. Marc Lugert
  5. Trevor Robinson

College – Ward 8

  1. Ryan Kennery
  2. Emilie Coyle
  3. Rick Chiarelli

Knoxdale-Mervale – Ward 9

  1. Keith Egli
  2. James Dean
  3. Luigi Mangone
  4. Warren Arshinoff
  5. Weber

Gloucester-Southgate – Ward 10

  1. Sam Soucy
  2. Diane Deans
  3. Alek Golijanin
  4. Robert Swaita
  5. Perry Saubourin

Beacon Hill-Cyrville – Ward 11

  1. Michael Schurter
  2. Tim Tierney

Rideau Vanier – Ward 12

  1. Mathieu Fleury
  2. Thierry Harris
  3. Matt Lowe

Rideau Rockcliffe – Ward 13

  1. Peter Heyck
  2. Tobi Nussbaum

Somerset – Ward 14

  1. Arthur David
  2. Merdod Zopyrus
  3. Jerry Kovacs
  4. Catherine McKenny

Kitchissippi – Ward 15

  1. Jeff Leiper
  2. Daniel Stringer

River – Ward 16

  1. Fabien Kalala Cimankinda
  2. Hassib Reda
  3. Riley Brockington
  4. Kerri Keith

Capital – Ward 17

  1. Shawn Menard
  2. Anthony Carricato
  3. Christine McAllister
  4. David Chernushenko
  5. Jide Afolabi

Alta Vista – Ward 18

  1. Raylene Lang-Dion
  2. Mike McHarg
  3. Kevin Kit
  4. Clinton Cowan
  5. Jean Cloutier
  6. John Redins

Cumberland – Ward 19

  1. Stephen Blais
  2. Cameron Rose Jette
  3. Jensen Boire

Osgoode – Ward 20

  1. George Darouze
  2. Kim Sheldrick
  3. Mark Scharfe
  4. Jay Tysick

Rideau Gouldbourn – Ward 21

  1. Scott Moffatt
  2. David Brown

Gloucester-South Nepean – Ward 22

  1. Carol Anne Meehan
  2. Harpreet Singh
  3. Michael Qaqish
  4. Zaff Ansari
  5. Irene Mei

Kanata South – Ward 23

  1. Steve Anderson
  2. Mike Brown
  3. Allan Hubley
  4. Doug Large



My Preliminary Preferences For Mayor of Toronto 2018

  1. Saron Gebresellassi
  2. Brian Graff
  3. John Tory
  4. Michael Nicula
  5. Sarah Climenhaga
  6. Jenniffer Keesmat
  7. Faith Goldy
  8. Thomas O’Neill
  9. Knia Singh
  10. James Sears
  11. Mike Gallay
  12. Guatam Nath
  13. Joseph Pampena
  14. Kris Langenfel
  15. Chai Calevar


My Preliminary Preferences For Prime Minister 2019

  1. Justin Trudeau
  2. Jagmeet Singh
  3. Elizabeth May
  4. Maxime Bernier
  5. Andrew Scheer
  6. Mario Beaulieu


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I hope you’re doing great wherever you might be. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m 23 years young, and I’m running to be your next Mayor of Ottawa.

My message is simple.

Get all your friends, family, and acquaintances to get their friends to get out the vote on October 22nd, between 10 AM and 8 PM. On that day, tell them to vote for young, honest, BOLD, and innovative change every time. Tell them to vote for me!

My campaign is about minimizing future regret, maximizing average expected happiness, trust, transparency, and accountability. The things that excite me the most about my platform are creating many more beautiful, modernized public community centers and reducing the number of homeless people living in Ottawa to 0. Ask me about it!

Your vote will mean everything to me. When you support my campaign, you are supporting young, honest, BOLD, and innovative change, every time.

Thank you, Canada

I want to start out by thanking you for the incredible things that you have done for me.

Thank you for welcoming me to your country.

Thank you for providing me with a quality education.

Thank you for being one of the most democratic countries in the world.

For guaranteeing me fundamental rights and freedoms.

For letting me engage in your amazing democratic process.

For allowing me to walk your streets at any time of the day and letting me feel relatively safe and secure, especially safe from guns.